Post #1: Hello World

Here I am! You have found my blog! Thank you for joining me on an adventure through time and discovery of the beginnings of the United States. I will be covering several interesting tidbits, questions, misconceptions, and anomalies of United States History. Welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy history as much as I do!

As I begin my ascension into the realm of our historical past, I have come across several myths that have become a strong part of popular culture in America still today. One of which is the idea that when Columbus was preparing to sail westward from Europe, geographers thought that the world was flat. Alan Taylor describes that this story is fictional and that Columbus and the geographers of that period were well aware of the Earth being a globe. It came as a surprise to me that this story has been so widely viewed as fact and even taught in schools to be a truth of the past when Taylor claims that it is a myth. I am shocked to be learning this for the first time now rather than in my past studies of United States History.

Thank you for reading my first blog post! Please check back in weekly to engage with me further about the happenings of early American History!


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