Post #2: Black Robe

Last night, as I watched the film, Black Robe I noticed several things about the movie that struck me as interesting. I was captivated by the careful yet elaborate representation of the Indians. The costuming, language, and interactions were very detailed and realistic. As I watched the film, my brain had no problem seeing it as if I was watching a documentary. It was very realistic and I really felt as if I was getting a glimpse of what life for the Indians was like during that time. Furthermore, I liked how the varying cultures and superstitions of the different groups and tribes were depicted. For example, when the Algonquian chief was telling the Black Robe of how his mother died in the prior winter and the Black Robe wrote it down and shared it with the other Frenchman who could repeat the knowledge back to the chief without the chief ever having to tell the Frenchman. It was interesting to see the Indian point of view in which the writing is magic whereas to the French it is just technology. One thing that I did not prefer about the film was the evil depiction of the Iroquoian tribe. It was difficult to watch the graphic violence that took place to the characters that I had come to support and care about throughout the movie. Moreover, the Iroquois were presented as a violent people while the Algonquian and French were seen as much more peaceful people. It felt like an overgeneralization of violence for the Iroquois and under generalization for the French.  Overall, I thought the movie was insightful and an excellent way to grasp more detailed knowledge of the people of this time. I enjoyed the movie especially because it was an interesting and unique learning experience.


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