Post #11: Shays’s Rebellion

The Revolution brought large debts upon some of the states. While the Americans were promised payments in return for the loans of service or other valued items, they were growing impatient. Farmers feared losing their animals and fields. Daniel Shays in particular feared being thrown in debtors prison and losing his farm. After several attempts, including petitions and calling upon their state government, the farmers were not being appeased. In response, Shays began to create an army to lead a march in rebellion.With hemlock in their hats as a symbol of the new tyranny that they were fighting, the rebellion march began. On September 29th 1786 the mob marched on Springfield, the capital of Massachusetts at this time. With the goal to close the courts so that they could not be thrown in prison, the mob succeeded. This victory continued as the mob continued to close other courts around Massachusetts. Nearly every effort still caused more of a passionate uproar united in the cause of Shays’s rebellion. The rebellion pointed out the uselessness of the Articles of Confederation giving the federal government the power to ease the rebellion and govern America. Therefore, the Constitution had to be created as a fitting form of government for the United States.


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