Post #14: Tecumseh’s Vision

Tecumseh was a man of the Shawnee Indian people that stood up against the encroaching Americans, fighting to protect Indian territory and to promote the Indian confederacy. Tecumseh refused to give up hope that the Indian culture would persist and keep their lands. With the movement ignited by the prophecies of his brother, Tecumseh united the Indian peoples against a common enemy: the Americans. In his meetings with the antagonist of his story, William Henry Harrison, Tecumseh claims that the Indian lands were unjustly taken from them and demands that they be returned. He threatens war at fault of the Americans if the lands are not returned and if the unjust acquisitions of Indian lands continue. Tecumseh outrageously claims to be able to speak on behalf of all of the Indian people. Harrison argues that the Indian people are not united due to their many different languages and claims that due to the fact that the Indians are not united that the lands were not unjustly taken. The unsuccessful compromise leads to inevitable war between them. Tecumseh and the Indians unite with the British forces in order to defend their lands from the Americans. The British betray them by retreating instead of standing with them to fight. Boldly, Tecumseh chooses to fight without the help of the British and loses his life on the battlefield, fighting to defend Indian land and culture. This loss marks the bitter future ahead for the Indians in their stand against the Americans.


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