Post #15: French Revolution

I found it fascinating that the timing of the American Revolution coincides with the French Revolution in such a profound way. The rebellion of the Americans against the British served as inspiration to other societies, such as the French. The French saw that the Americans were capable of revolution and that played a part is sparking the French to revolt as well. The French poor were charged with so many taxes that they did not have enough money left for food. They had so many rules to follow that they had no choice but to limit their food in order to make all of their payments.The state of the French society was so out of economic balance that the French poor had no choice but to rebel or starve. With the inspiration from the American Revolution, it was the obvious choice to start a Revolution as well. The commoners moved together for justice by proclaiming the founding of the National Assembly of France. Furthermore, on July 14th 1789, they stormed the Bastille. The French created the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen on August 26, 1789. The French demanded Liberté, Egalité, and Fraternité. This Declaration caused people to question the extent of equality. Were women, blacks, and all religious groups equal? Is slavery justified?


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