Post #17 Trail of Tears video

I learned more about the Trail of Tears in the We Shall Remain video than I have in all of my history classes combined. This video gave insight into the causes of Indian removal and the Indian perspective. It was fascinating to take an (almost) inside look at the Indian efforts to assimilate for peace. After being told that they could exist side by side as a Americans with the British if they assimilated, the film showed how families such as that of John Ross and John Ridge dressed as Englishmen and even got an education. Regardless of their promises, the English still treated the Indians as savages even through their efforts to assimilate. Actions such as these created doubt among the Indians that the English would keep any of their promises. As the Cherokee were pushed out of their land by the treaty that Major Ridge and his son John Ridge were a part of, most decided to stay in their land and resist for justice. As John Ross led the resistance, the petition was made with signatures of nearly all of the Cherokee. Unfortunately, the petition was not viewed in time by Congress and we have to wonder how different the United States might be today, had the petition been successful.


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