Post #18: Lowell Girls

We discussed in class today the household work that a woman was responsible for during the market revolution. The sheer amount of hours was baffling. Women might spend 12-13 hours a day working with clothes and food alone. Until the inventions like the sewing machine, women had to make thread in order to make fabric and finally sew clothes. Furthermore, the women had to do all of this for her whole family and do laundry also. Once the cotton gin, sewing machine, and other inventions that facilitated manufacturing, the Lowell Girls were able to start a textile mill. The first of its kind, the Lowell Girls hired the daughters of farmers to work in the factory making fabric to sell. This freed up time for housewives because they were able to sew their clothes without having to make thread and fabric first. In addition, the girls that were hired had additional income and newfound independence. This allowed women to get together in symposiums and talk as well as read and educate themselves. The Lowell Girls caused a liberation among women in time and awareness of their oppression. With new independence and knowledge, women would be able to start countering their oppressors and working towards equality.


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