Post #23: Manifest Destiny and Bleeding Kansas

Manifest Destiny, the idea that the United States was destined by God for expansion from the East Coast to West Coast, caused problems to occur. These problems are particularly strong when it comes to the issue of expansion or abolition of slavery. North versus South, Expansion versus Abolition. With the abolitionist movement catching on in the North and cotton booming in the South, conflict among the Union erupted. This conflict only worsened with the issue of how to handle expansion on the United States’ territories. For example, Bleeding Kansas was the result of popular sovereignty being made the  method of handling conflicting viewpoints on slavery. As Kansas was proposed for statehood, both sides of the union, North and South, would do anything to keep the majority of the Senate seats in order to further their cause. This resulted in violence known as Bleeding Kansas when fighting occurred in order to keep a population majority for each side. Radicals such as John Brown did not help in avoiding the Civil War. Some historians assert that the attack on Harbor Ferry was one of the causes leading up to the war. The South claimed that the plans for the attack on Harbor Ferry made them fearful of other attacks on them. They began taking up arms to protect themselves, consequently preparing themselves for war.


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