Post #19: David Crockett’s letter to Charles Schultz

Although brief, I found this letter very interesting. It is intriguing to find that there are many comparisons and contrasts between the political rulers of today and those of the early United States. Specifically, Andrew Jackson was seen as abusing the power of the presidency and taking part in acts that were beyond the scope of his power. This is comparable to many of the recent leaders of the United States that have taken it upon themselves to promote unconstitutional acts. David Crockett tells of Jackson’s Indian removal as he explains that “the few is to transfer the many.” He is talking about the many Indians that are being removed from their rightful lands because it is more convenient for Andrew Jackson. He comments on the fact that with many being removed without their own consent, that the principles of Republicanism are not being upheld. It is interesting that even today, politicians struggle with removing non-citizens from the United States. Crockett also comments on the meanness of volunteer slaves. It seems that the undercutting of labor as a result of volunteer slaves has made life much more difficult for Americans. Crockett claims that he might leave the United States in the event that Martin Van Buren is elected. This holds a striking resemblance to the claims of many as a result of our most recent Presidential election.